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Project:Homestead "Avatar"
Year: 2020
Stage: Completed

This homestead is created for an individual, who wants to escape from the city, to find his inner self. Here it is possible to take a moment to connect and listen to the nature, change your personal needs.
In the large area surrounded by forest and lakes, the buildings are spread across the existing terrain without harming it. Main house, outdoor kitchen, grandparents house, outbuilding and sauna are connected with curved paths, which form a local network for living. This formation of buildings gives the opportunity to live outdoors as much as indoors.
The building process was slow, thinking about each detail, without any hurry and with respect to surrounding nature. Natural larch facades and roof shingles began to change the shade during the construction process, thus further merging into the natural context. Even before the interiors were done, all the buildings looked as they belong there.
Modern solutions were chosen to complete the interior. Natural wood, plaster, stone and earthly tones were the connection among all the buildings. No eccentric details - just what you need to feel comfortable in nature.
Avatar is architecture that allows you to become yourself for even a short while.

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