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Project: School for children
Year: 2018
Stage: Completed

The idea is to reduce level of school interior to a playful, intimate and magical scale. Unleash children's energy by using colours on walls, floors and furniture. Learning is a big and long game, that's why spaces “play“ with each other, they become vivid with children's drawings on walls or glass. Leisure area turns into a small town with its own castle on the hill and wardrobe as a garden with birds and birdhouses. Library becomes the most important element of welcoming and seeing off from the school, reminding each time that the reader is welcome here. The colour here is the book cover. Unobtrusive, but important are children's credos and goals hanging on walls, because you don't need anything else when you know your aims. The goal is to implement the idea of the interior at minimal cost, while leaving room to continue the game to the school community itself. 

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